CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

Grafica-Traccia-Musicale CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

If you’ve always dreamed of creating audio tracks and you do not know how to start, now with my help, I will list everything you need to start this business:

Start with a premise, the web there is some confusion about it. So I point out that the computer is the D.A.W. (Stands for Digital Audio Workstation) and Sequencer is the software that lets you compose, edit, record, play, mix and master the track created. Then by necessity you need a keyboard (MIDI Controller), the first plea in order to interact with that recreate VST synthesizers, drum machine, groove box … etc and the second reason that you can assign some commands of your sequencer to the buttons, knobs, sliders, and keyboard pad (MIDI Controller). To finish the list of what you need to start creating music is an external sound card and studio monitors to listen to the project. These are the basic devices that you need to start producing your audio tracks, then if the passion for music will take you to higher levels you can imitate the DJ / producer who produce their music directly with the Drum-Machine, Groove -Box and modular synthesizers.

Create music with your PC or Mac has become an easy thing to handle especially for the production costs were reduced considerably and for this reason many people came to this way of making music.

With this article I will try to help you in the ideal choice and begin immediately to create music with the PC.

Meanwhile, you should know that in order to use most of the software that will list you need a fairly powerful computer (especially to prevent the use of contemporary audio files, VST PlugIn and it blocks all presenting the problem of latency) then you must purchase a external good quality sound card.

portatiletower CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!



No matter if you choose a laptop or Tower for music production, it is important that they have certain characteristics. Truly the Tower is on Top for a system in the sense of power and expandability D.A.W..

Your computer to use in order to create music without temporarily blocks will have an Intel i5 or i7 processor supported by a minimum of 8 GB RAM memory with regards to Windows.

If you want to opt for a computer Apple Mac play it safe because you say it is more stable and has a hardware/software integration perfect but the purchase will be salty.

I personally work on dedicated computer running Windows 7 and I am very well. Of course you can start with your computer that you currently own hoping it doesn’t hang but if in the future the work will progress you will need to purchase a computer dedicated only to make music production.

A Computer that will have OS, sequencer, VST plugins, and program to be able to do the Mastering! (without an internet connection, antivirus or other software that may interfere with and slow down the work of the microprocessor.)

5 CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!


In a nutshell a sequencer is software that acts as an audio recorder (once this work had the tape reels) that has the ability to overlay different tracks (audio, MIDI), which can also be recorded one at a time, but which will be played all at once. In fact the appropriate definition of the sequencer is “Multitracking.

Now that you’ve taken your computer to make music you need to equip a Sequencer that reflects your needs. Know that the Sequencer are similar to each other, allow you to compose, edit, record, play, mix and burn, but not the same, some of the special features that others do not have. Then you will need to choose carefully the Sequencer that will kick off the music production. One tip I would give you the choice of the sequencer to do your case is only one most houses software offer the potential customer a one-month trial some even two months so it will be easy to navigate and choose the specific one.

The market is full of famous and lesser known Sequencer, fee and free but I prefer to show you the ones used by professionals.

Avid-Pro-Tools-12 CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

AVID Pro Tools is the most audio software used in recording studios, a professional standard.

Pro Tools is available for Windows and Mac systems.

There are two versions, the first one is named with the initials HD which is used by recording studios with special hardware devices in the same House (AVID). The second addition to work with AVID audio devices are supported from compatible 3rd party ASIO and Core Audio interfaces, all this is possible since version 9. Its strength is its ease of use, the many integrated features of high quality and many Plug-ins available. Used a lot in post-production. If you want to try it click here for the demo.

Cubase-Pro-9 CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!Another historical piece is Cubase which at the end of the eighties was used on the Atari ST, sure has come a long way finding it in recording studios and remembering that the same Steinberg was the first software company to create VST.

Audio/MIDI sequencer the best MIDI support.

Working environment that may seem difficult at first, offers many possibilities in ways of working, along with a wide range of effects and virtual instruments.

Available on Windows and Mac platforms.

Come to the Pro version 9 to prove you have to download the Demo.

Logic-Pro-X CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

Some time ago a MAC user to be able to produce music had only two choices: Garage that is a entry level software or professional program Logic. Then over time other editors approached Apple releasing OS versions for this platform. Continuing to read this list of sequencer you can discover.
Logic Pro arrived at version 10. It is a very complete software that combines MIDI multitrack audio recording. Comes standard with many high quality virtual instruments and effects. If you’re an APPLE user and want to learn more about Logic Pro click here.

Sonar-Platinum CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

The most popular Sequencer for the PC is SONAR, born for Windows, currently on the market with three versions: Artist, Professional and Platinum that shows off the cover to the left.
With these latest versions opens to the Apple world and gives you the possibility to use it even on Mac. Her dowry is the ease of use and the channel strip (ProChannel) in each channel where you can equalize the sound directly. The details of this esteemed Audio/MIDI sequencer are amazing both quality and quantity just think of the many effects, virtual instruments, functions for Editing and Mastering as well as having support for external hardware etc. SONAR is currently among the most complete audio production software on the market. If you want to try this sequencer please download the DEMO.

Ableton-Live-9-Standard CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

It’s a decidedly software of high quality in the field of electronic music, and since it is called (LIVE) its use is intended for performance of DJs and not only (as well as in the studio). This sequencer has had a great development in recent years following the original but effective solution than the other software. With this Live performance can be achieved by connecting the Mixer Controller, Drum machines, Synth Groove boxes and other external devices in addition to the characteristic of being even sequencer. You can use it on Windows and Mac system, currently sold in three versions: Intro, Standard and Suite. Ableton Live is used by the most famous international Dj/Producer. If you are curious to try the latest version to do is visit the website.

Image-Line-FL-Studio-12-Producer-Edition CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

FL Studio is a software created in the late 90 ‘s that allowed you to create beats/grooves used by many manufacturers of electronic music. Over time it has become a complete and full of high-quality tools. Has advanced features for managing audio loops and samples, along with requirements and original solutions in the approach to music production. Can only be used with Windows operating system is up for sale with three flavors: Fruity, Producer, Signature. For the latest version can be purchased the full package of plugins called (All Plugins Bundle).
The advantage is that customers who bought sequencer manufacturer Image Line ensures free upgrades (including major versions) without any time limit.
To prove you have to bear on this page.

Reason-8 CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

When in 2009 the parent (PropellerHead) asked how they could be adding to the sequencer and managing audio tracks a program called (Record), at that time the software has joined the list of considerably sequencer for professionals. Suitable for electronic music and not, used by many DJs.
Complete VST and high level reached version 8 PlugIn for sale with two: 8 8 Essentials and Reason.
Compatible to Windows operating system and Apple and can prove you have to click this link.

cockos-reaper CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!
Audio/MIDI sequencer of Cockos currently with version 5 runs on Windows and Apple operating systems, mixer complete in its entirety, with regard to the Department of the effects are of excellent quality.
Its editing tools are absent, but the software gives this assignment to an external audio editor, which can be called directly from the pages of work.
The downloadable DEMO lasts for 60 days.
There would be other programs to create music tracks but I end up here my list of sequencer to don’t make the hard choice then

APOGEE-simphony8x8-mp CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!


The external sound card is that device by connecting it to your computer gives you so you can hear sounds and create them if connected with various electronic equipment such as keyboards, drum machines, Synths, etc.

If you are looking to use your sound card of your PC or Mac you do not recommend a priori is not performing as the outer one and it has no inputs and outputs for connecting the various devices you need in your projects. All the more reason why you should choose the outer is having its DSP (digital signal processor) that is almost all of the work it will do the DSP instead of your computer’s microprocessor.

Operation of an AUDIO interface (when outside they call it that) is simple, captures sounds through special entrances (INPUTS): its A/D converter (analog/digital) transforms the incoming analog signal into digital data that then leave the computer; digital information is then converted into electrical signal through A D/A converter (digital/analog), which is then sent to the outputs (OUTPUTS) then towards the listening system which are usually (studio monitors or headphones). Choosing an Audio interface is not difficult … the important thing is to know your needs.

Let me explain, if you’re going to dedicate to creating electronic music so based solely on Grooves/Loops or virtual instruments and MIDI is clearly pointless to have a large number of inputs and outputs. If there are large amounts of shooting as (vocals, acoustic and electric instruments), then the type and number of inputs become an essential aspect.

Choosing an audio interface is also thinking about how to connect it to your computer, such as a USB or FIREWIRE port.

The main producers of Audio Interfaces, I list some:

Adam_F7_Coppia CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

STUDIO MONITORS (near-field)

These speakers, mostly suitable for a home studio or a small local, are designed to listen closely, to limit the acoustic problems caused by an environment not suitable for this type of activity: in practice, the near-field monitoring minimizes acoustic environmental influences (reflections like the effect table tennis, natural reverberations ) highlighting when you hear the sound coming directly from the speakers.

There are two types of categories for this type of speakers:

  • PASSIVE MONITORS (need an external amplifier)
  • ACTIVE MONITORS (integrated amplifier in the enclosures themselves)

The choice of studio monitors all made according to the music that you have to produce, if you make electronic music, choose a monitor that has a tweeter and woofer, the latter must have the diameter by 7 or 8 and be BASS REFLEX. If you rock, pop etc, you need to purchase a speaker that sounds better on medium frequencies, so opt for a three-way.

Below some manufacturer of studio monitors:

M-Audio-Code-49 CREATE MUSIC with your PC or MAC: what you need!

KEYBOARD (MIDI Controller)
In addition to musical keyboard, have a panel full of buttons, knobs (knob), sliders (sliders) and drum pad. Before you buy a keyboard you should quantify what and how many of these controllers might be useful and choose a model that meets your needs. Using knobs and sliders for example, you can adjust the volume of each track, change the parameters of a real-time VST or whatever‘s on your mind. You can use the buttons Play, Rec, Stop to play, record or stop the progress of the track on the sequencer without using the mouse. The drum pads are useful for performing drum hits, or start of loops in real time. So your keyboard, in addition to playing notes, is a true control environment and will make you feel immersed in your project and speed up the way you work. You will need to change your work habits: before you clicked or dragging something with the mouse, now you have to remember to do it with a special knob, slider or button, but once you got that hand and mapped the various commands, you’ll have an amazing speed on the controls and on editing during your sessions on the sequencer. A really nice convenience, then you can’t live without!. 😉There are 4 versions:
  • 25 Tasti
  • 49 Tasti
  • 61 Tasti
  • 88 Tasti

and must have at least these attributes:

  • Sustain and expression pedal inputs
  • Pitch and Modulation wheel
  • USB bus powered
 Some manufacturers of keyboards Midi controllers:
At this point, I am left only to make you a great wish, perhaps starting to play, then born passion and in future will become for you a job. Just a suggestion make a nice sound engineer does not hurt and indeed I formed is ideal. Why? Because it will be more clear Why is explained by an industry professional, you’ll know where to put your hands right away without spending hours and hours as does a self-taught (though at times one gets more satisfaction). It is a nice craft produce music 😉 Until next time! Hello!

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